Charles’ Law Experiment

Charles’ Law Experiment

Charles’ Law

Recently we have had a few emails from technicians who had some issues setting up Charles’ Law. The sticking point seems to be getting the liquid level in the U bend and we must admit there certainly seems to be a knack to it.

However after a couple of goes we got the hang of it so decided to share our new found levelling skills with you via a short video demonstration.

This video will show you how to set up the apparatus in order to undertake the experiment, but we do not actually complete the experiment as we’re sure you have that bit covered. Also for health and safety reasons (it was Lisa from marketing doing the experiment and she can’t be trusted with chemicals) we use water.

We really hope you find this demonstration useful and if you are still finding it a bit tricky or need some help with anything else our Technical Support Team are always on hand to help. Get in touch by emailing

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